Interesting fact you should know about Dubai Zip code

The postal system is one of the conventional systems that works worldwide for multiple mail, deliveries and much more. You need to mention the Zip code on the post whenever you send something. It ensures the right and accurate delivery of the post to its destination. However, when people are making posts to Dubai, they have to face a different situation with the Dubai Zip code.  

There is no Zip Code.

Dubai or UAE does not have a Zip Code. Surprisingly, the world’s busiest city with many businesses and trading hubs does not have a Zip code. However, all the mail and deliveries are still reaching their destination on time and without any problem.

The “Makani Number”

The city has a different mail delivery system, as it uses a Makani Number in place of a Zip code. Surprisingly, this number is not common for every place in general. It’s an individualized number for every building in Dubai. If you are supposed to send a mail or parcel to a location, you must enter a specified Makani Number of that place or building on the parcel. It will ensure accurate delivery.

A generic Zip code

Generally, for the mail and deliveries, you do not have to add the zip codes. However, if there is a compulsion to use one, you can use a generic code of “00000.” Technically, it is not a code that is listed for any location or city. However, it covers up the space, and the delivery or mail service will be able to identify the post for Dubai or UAE region.

Once you mention this generic code on the parcel, it will fill up the required space and become a sign for the mail handling company to notice the mail belongs to Dubai or UAE. You might find it a bit strange as you are doing it for the first time. However, for mail delivery companies in Dubai or UAE, it’s a routine job.

Never miss out on the Makani Number!

Make sure you will never miss the Makani Number on any parcel and put it in the right place on your mail or parcel to avoid any inconvenience with the delivery.

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