Can You Tow a Camper with A Rental Car?


If your plan is to take a camper with a hire car, you are probably a little bit concerned about the impracticality of the matter. It’s crucial to understand the rental car towing policy, especially when dealing with luxury car hire Dubai prices. Often rental companies don’t allow the towing of their products, but with other companies there could be some exceptions with very strict rules. Determine compatibility standards, check weight limits, and carefully evaluate additional fees.

Check the Fine Print

When it comes to travelling a camper with rented car, checking, and rechecking the fine print of the rental agreement is vital. The policies of other companies flat-out forbid towing and making it yours, just as some would allow towing under certain terms and conditions.

Weight Limits and Compatibility

Even covering the towing rule, rental agencies generally apply high weight restrictions as well as fitment requirements in engaging in such acts, the tenant would thus not only be breaking the terms and conditions of the agreement but also expose road users to a safe and secure environment.

Additional Fees

The cost of existing luxury car hire in Dubai might be already high and adding a tow could make costs skyrocket. Make sure that an amount for towing which includes the cost of installing a hitch, payment of insurance premiums, and per mileage charges is included in your budget.

Safety First

The former task of towing a camping van as a temporary car driver is undoubtedly a sensitive issue that requires particular attention to safety. The misconnection with towing can not only cause damage to the rental vehicle but it is safety of you and other road users as well.

Terms and Conditions

The tenets stipulated in the lease contract are going to move hand in hand with you through your journey of the leasing process. Issues, such as liability insurance and assistance on the road, just to name a few, are the priority here. Compliance with those terms contributes to the continuation of the contract while non-compliance leads to penalties.

Alternative Solutions

If rent car towing policy should anger the public and will be of no help in effective redressing, then suggest other solutions. Having a car at the disposal of the cars rented or having a professional towing company deliver could give more peace of mind and arrangement flexibility.

Bottom Line

Being unable to pull your camper trailer with a rented vehicle sounds challenging although the setup could be sufficient. If you plan to hitch your camper to that sophisticated hire luxury car Dubai, perform careful research of the rental car policy, follow safety regulations and be ready to deal with the towing costs of hiring. In such a manner, you can be certain that your way of travel is safe and sound because things have been double checked.